Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craft This!

Hate when you get to the end of the wrapping paper roll with one long strip of paper left that is not wide enough to wrap anything with? Have a lot of scraps after wrapping all those presents that you hate throwing away?? Well, here's a quick little craft for you:

Wrapping Paper Trees


Stiff card stock or light cardboard, needs to be malleable
Leftover wrapping paper
Tape, both duct and clear

Step 1- Cut the cardboard into a wide half circle; don't worry too much about neatness at this point. You can trim later. Then cut a small half circle out of the top of the one you just cut, in the middle. This will make a rough U shape.

Step 2- Fold the U-shape around on itself so that it makes a rough cone shape; again, worry about neatness later. Make sure the cone/tepee shape can stand on it's own and that the hole in the top is centered or else your trees will be wonky. Using the duct tape, secure the cone closed.

Step 3: Cut your wrapping paper scraps into rough triangles; the odder shaped, the better. Starting from the bottom, using the clear tape, tape the triangles to your cone. Make sure to overlap the paper strips so that you cover all of the cardboard. Also, it looks better with more angles and strips in lots of layers. With the last triangle, make a neat point at the top-center of your tree and secure.

Step 4- Now trim the bottom of your tree so that the edges are even and straight all the way around. This will make it look nice and keep it standing up right. Run your fingernail along all the tape that shows to make sure it blends in well (*I like Magic tape since it almost disappears.)

Now make a couple more in varying sizes and VOILA! You have yourself a little X-mas tree display!

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