Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Musings on an Empty House and Unemployment

This morning I woke up at 9; I stayed in bed, pretending to sleep until almost 10:30. Pretending to whom, you might ask? No one. I was just thinking that I have ALL day to do, like, 3 things that I really NEED to do and then I just have to try to figure out other things to fill up my day.

I am obviously bored and lonely. Since my recent guests left, I have come to realize just how much. Does someone want to come live with me?! I will feed you and clean up after you and all you have to do is amuse me all day. Brandon's no good because he's either at work or in his little hidey-hole downstairs. Hell, the other day I even started thinking "I wish I had a kid or something." YIKES! (No worries though; I am over that bout of craziness.)

So I clean everyday. I do laundry every day. I cook. I bake. I make Amazon wishlists. I read. I write. I walk the dog. I groom the dog. I organize my cabinets. I check my email obsessively. And since I got a new vacuum (thanks, Mom) I vacuum. I vacuum floors, rugs, nooks, crannies...even the cat...which he does not seem to like.

Well, let keep our fingers crossed that I get a job soon or I may just vacuum myself to death.

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  1. At least you love cleaning and organizing! :) (silver lining) Jaime and I were just discussing how we needed to get out there already. We will start planning and we will bring the party as soon as possible!!!