Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wow, I feel old...

So I just sent my first nasty email to someone about those damned reckless teenagers. I was walking Ollie down a nearby street with no sidewalk and long story short, we almost got taken out by not one but TWO cars full of teens racing down the middle this street (which is a residential road btw.) I was really seeing red! We live right next to the high school and, up until today, I was simply annoyed by the kids, mostly when they get out of school around 2 or 3pm. But I usually try to stay inside then and I miss their loud, obnoxious behavior.

But this was even before NOON! So I called the office...yes, just like an old foogie. And I don't care! If something had happened to me or my dog, I would have kicked those little punks asses! Truly though, what if they killed someone. I am sure that I was probably worse than they were when I was a bratty little teen but still...

Anyway, I called and the girl at the front desk kinda sighed like she had heard my story before and said she would transfer me to the principal's voicemail. Well, that being full, I wrote him a long, detailed, properly-worded email and nicely said I would call the police if I saw it again.

So, I am becoming one of THOSE people....grumpy and annoyed.

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  1. Oh Honeybear, I'll keep a rocker and lap blanket open for you here in Retirement Land.